Magistek is a trusted service provider for software training, consulting services, and outsourcing. We offer full service software solutions for your organization. Students and employees can train with us on the leading application systems used by fortune 500 companies today.

Our experienced instructors come from the field with valuable functional and technical insights. With over 15 years of experience implementing software, we bring a unique approach to training and consulting.


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“The courses not only enhance one’s knowledge to achieve operational excellence, they also inspire to build a culture of high performance, not only for oneself, but for the entire team. Most books I have read had never even come close in applying real-life scenarios.”

“The program I’ve just completed has been an amazing journey. The information and knowledge I acquired has been invaluable and I will take it with me as I look forward to new challenges and successes in the Food & Beverage field.”

“We invest a lot of time, effort, and resources into developing our supervisors and managers. The number one factor that’s going to impact the success of this company is our supervisors’ ability to hire, manage, motivate, and lead.”

Consulting Services
Magistek brings new insight to consulting. The Magistek team’s expertise in PeopleSoft, E-Business, Hyperion and SAP is not just limited to our understanding of the product.
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