Recruiting with Magistek

Magistek staff augmentation team allows your company to add staff to your teams based on the additional skills required to support your initiatives.   With Magistek you can easily ramp up and down to meet changing demand without shouldering the cost and liabilities of additional full time employees.


Benefits for using Magistek staff augmentation:

  • Control over staff: When there is a need to closely manage resources, staff augmentation is ideal.
  • Leverages existing resources: By adding new skill sets to the team, a company can take advantage of both external and internal resources for the completion of your projects.
  • Specialist expertise: When project team gaps mainly consist of specialized skills, staff augmentation can efficiently fill those gaps.
  • Reduce cost of acquiring skills: Avoids the cost of investing in internal skill development.
  • Reduce employer burdens: Avoids costs and liabilities of direct employees.
  • Meet aggressive project timelines: When an active project has a need for more resources in order to be completed on time, staff augmentation is typically the best option, and is often the only option.

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