PeopleSoft Applications

PeopleSoft 9.2 Delivers a Whole New User Experience

PeopleSoft Technology helps in delivering end-to-end services to client organisations across domains such as HRM, supply chain management, Financials, SCM, EPM, etc. The end-to-end services include implementation, upgradation, rollouts and maintenance of services.

PeopleSoft training offers visibility into critical data. Explore software solutions for manufacturing, enterprise performance management & more.


PeopleSoft Financial Management

MP1FS000Intro to PeopleSoft1 Day$ 450.00
MP1FS004PeopleSoft General Ledger4 Days$ 1,400.00
MP1FS001PeopleSoft Accounts Payable4 Days$ 1,400.00
MP1FS002PeopleSoft Billing/Accounts Receivables4 Days$ 1,400.00
MP1FS005PeopleSoft Purchasing 4 Days$ 1,400.00
MP1FS003 PeopleSoft Asset Management 4 Days$ 1,400.00
MP1FS008 PeopleSoft Query 2 Days$ 800.00
MP1FS006 PeopleSoft nVision2 Days$ 800.00


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